You don’t have to look to hard these days to realize that people are very attached to their mobile devices. So what does this have to do with naming a business and/or getting a great domain name? Well, a lot actually. Desktop computer keyboards have largely been replaced by mobile phones and tablets. It can be irritating (and somewhat difficult) trying to type in a long domain name address into the search bar on a mobile device. When thinking about a domain name for your business, shorter can actually be better. It gives your customer/audience less to remember and less to type. And what if the .com domain of your business is taken? Well, you can either try to acquire it or you can get creative, either with your domain name letters or by using an alternate extension. For example, let’s say you provide home medical equipment and have named your business home medical equipment, Inc. You try to acquire the name HomeMedicalEquipment (com) and HME (com), but find that they’re both already in use. Instead of registering a name that is much longer or one that is a disconnect from what your service is, you could opt for another extension. For example, you could buy You’ve now given yourself a relatively shorter domain name and you’ve still used your business’ acronym, HME. So, while it’s very important to have a great domain name, you can often find quality alternatives that do not create a disconnect with your customer. After all, you want your customers to find you easily and remember you!