We often get asked, “What are some good name for my (enter idea name here) business?” Well, it could be that simple, but the name you choose might not end up doing you any good. There are many questions that need to be thought about and answered before settling on a name. For example:

• What products/services are you offering?

• Who is your target audience/demographic?

• What is it that you want your target audience to know about you and/or these products and services?

• How do you want your audience to feel about what you do/offer?

• What key words or phrases evoke the feelings that you are looking for?

• Is your proposed name(s) easy to remember and easy to spell?

• Does the name/phrase easily pronounceable and NOT easily confused with other words/phrases when spoken (does it pass the “radio test?”)

• Are you infringing on any existing trademarks or are you likely to be confused in the market with other businesses that offer the same class of goods? www.USPTO.gov is a great place to start for trademark searches and legal advice should certainly not be ruled out. You don’t want to put all the time, money and effort into your new business only to find yourself on the wrong end of a nasty lawsuit.

• Your domain name needs to be a consideration. There are different schools of thought on how much the domain name should factor into the naming process and how much should be spent, especially with startups that are trying to conserve as much cash as possible. But, think about this before you decide!

So don’t just go with the first name your Aunt Edna gives you. Do your homework and make a name for yourself and your business!